Pulastic Elite Comfort UNO

Great PerformancenThe Pulastic® Elite range has been designed to provide the ultimate level in safety and comfort in Pulastic® sports flooring. In the Pulastic® Elite range you will find a perfect basis for a combination of all point­elastic Pulastic® sports floors with the area­elastic subfloors of this
range. Choosing The Right Floor All the floors of the Pulastic Elite range excel in comfort because of their resiliency. This will in any case help reduce fatigue and prevent injuries. And by choosing a floor system with the required need for load bearing capacity and impact resistance, the subfloors from the Elite
range will contribute to a floor that will fit all your high level demands.

The advantages of the pulastic® elite range

  • Ultimate level in safety and comfort
  • Excellent long term resiliency for comfort and injury prevention
  • Outstanding load bearing capacity and impact resistance
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Very suitable for installation of floor heating and thermal insulation
  • Wide range of toplayer finishes available, ranging from 2 mm to 9 mm, offering area‐ or combi‐elastic characteristics
  • Outstanding noise reduction ﴾acoustic isolation﴿ up to 29 dB
  • Sustainable through renewable raw materials
  • All wood products used are FSC labelled

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