Handball courts are carried out with a hard floor application in suitable sized indoor halls. The dimensions of the International Handball Field have been determined as
40 meters in length and 20 meters in width.
Handball Field Construction Types:

Open Handball Field

  • Indoor Handball Court
  • Specialized in Handball Field Construction, Reform Sports’s handball floors
    facilitate sports and provide maximum performance to athletes.

Ground Applications Used in Handball Field Construction:

  • Acrylic Floor Handball Court
  • Tartan Ground Handball Field
  • Parquet Floor Handball Court
  • Handball Field with Polyurethane Ground


Cost of Handball Field Construction; field are turned on or off, the soil type to be used to do measurements and the scope of the location flour varies. To get a price according to your project, you can get an offer from us by specifying the details.

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