Acer Prime Coat PlasterSystem

Acer Flooring Hard Plaster System is for competition-grade courts,
combining a true playing surface with industry-leading durability and
resistance to damp, cracking and flaking. Acer plaster is naturally white and needs no further finishing. It chemically bonds to the wall surface to provide a tough, durable and easy to clean finish that is highly resistant to peeling, impact and abrasion, cracking, damp and humidity. It is also ideal for refurbishing existing courts. Its excellent playability.

  • Acer Sports squash court plaster is based on the development in the early 2015s of GRC (Glass Reinforced Cement) from Lafarge by Blue Circle Cement and Pilkington Glass. 
  • This produces a material that combines the high tensile strength of glass fibre with the high compressive strength of cement. 
  • Acer adds to this our own specially formulated bonding agent to produce a material that is tough, flexible, and durable, able to withstand impact, pressure and shrinkage over many years. 
  • It is resistant to damp, high humidity and other adverse conditions found around the world while being as easy to apply as gypsum plaster, which lacks many of these properties.

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